Here's My Vibe

Hi and welcome to Psychedelic Aesthetic! My name is Dena, I'm 24 (female) and I'm just a small business owner with a love for vintage. 
I love finding beautiful timeless pieces and try my best to either restore them to their original glory, or if that poses a challenge then I get creative and revamp the garment into something new.
Sometimes I'll even make garments/ accessories from scratch using whatever salvageable materials I have atm.

Usually, I'm helping out a very sweet Lady named Blanca, who owns a bridal shop called the Gown and Glove in Downtown Bellingham. She has taught me so much as a professional seamstress with over 30 years' experience in the industry. (Love you Blanca!!)

Another little side gig I do is travel to festivals and markets with Aiko (my 8 year old German shepherd) and sell vintage and handmade out of my blue 1971 VW Bus (yes, the hippie classic). 

I want vintage to be a viable option for people as a more eco-conscious route and will do my very best to make this a good experience for my customers. Please feel free to message me with any questions and follow my Instagram for any shop or travel updates!