Flirting with your gloves

Published on 4 March 2024 at 11:57

Glove flirting language used in the mid-late 1800s by women whilst wearing or carrying gloves.
Just as certain flowers provided insight into a man’s intentions, in medieval times a woman or a man could attract a mate with nothing more than sweet, scented gloves. 

Glove Flirting Language:

  • Biting the tips—I wish to be rid of you very soon.
  • Clenching them (rolled up) in right hand—No.
  • Drawing halfway on the left hand—Indifference.
  • Dropping both of them—I love you.
  • Dropping one of them—Yes.
  • Putting end of tips to lips—Do you love me?
  • Folding up carefully—Get rid of your company.
  • Holding in left hand with the naked thumb exposed—Do you love me.
  • Holding in right hand with the naked thumb exposed—Kiss me.
  • Holding with tips downward—I wish to be acquainted.
  • Holding them loose in the left hand—Be contented.
  • Holding them loose in the right hand—I am satisfied.
  • Putting them away—I am vexed.
  • Smoothing them out gently—I wish I was with you.
  • Striking them over the hand—I am displeased.
  • Striking them over the shoulder—Follow me.
  • Tapping the chin—I love another.
  • Tossing them gently—I am engaged.
  • Turning them inside out—I hate you.
  • Twirling around the fingers—Be careful! We are watched.
  • Using them as a fan—Introduce me to your company.


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