Sharon Originals Black Straw Plate Hat


Black straw plate 1950s hat, perches on top of the head.
Is wired all the way around and has clips on the sides that are slightly flexible.
Little bow towards the front, with a decorative brooch sewn at the center.
Designer label inside: Sharon ORIGINALS
Amazing condition with no stains or tears.
Measures about 50 cm. around (Size Small)


These garments are vintage, which means they have all been pre-loved and are in varying conditions. I do my best to inspect every gown/accessory and mend what I can. What I cannot mend I post detailed descriptions and images of then discount the garment accordingly. Take buying a cheaper vintage gown/accessory as an opportunity to support a local tailor.

I want vintage to be a viable option for people as a more eco-conscious route and will do my very best to make this a good experience for my customers. Please feel free to message me with any questions, and check out my Instagram for product previews and discounts!